New kid on the web-block.

I want to be a web designer. I came to this conclusion earlier this year, in the midst of endless and circular thoughts and about exactly what I want to do with my life. This question had been plaguing me on and off for about 3 years… since graduating university with a degree in Fashion Design (a career path I chose at 15 and gave up on aged 20). It was no surprise to my friends and family that I had a new idea, and that this one would really stick, you know, this one would work out… just like the other 15 in the last 6 months.

But this one is different. This one is sticking. And that’s why I’m writing this blog. As a relatively traditional English girl I am not used to publicising my thoughts, and as a relatively flakey creative type I am certainly not used to publishing my plans for the future, for fear of loss of interest/failure. However, here I am, putting it in type, that this is my plan. And this is going to happen.

So this blog has a few purposes;

– For me to track my progress and  growth (and ensure it continues).

– A location to collect resources I use – sites, articles, books etc, so that they are easily accessible for me and you.

– Space for other learners and professionals to contribute more information.

– If all goes well maybe this will be some help to other people aiming for the same target!

So I guess I start by explaining what I have done so far…

I have had a long term interest in graphic design, and this combined with my brother’s passion for all thing web triggered a curiosity in web design. He gave me a few names to research and some sites to look at as good examples of design. During this eye-opening stage I came across an advert which would lead to the solidifying of my plans. Mark Boulton Design ( were looking for an apprentice. I read the advert and immediately knew this was the perfect style job for me. I learn fast, especially in an environment that encourages independent thought, and the chance to learn about the different areas of design within one company was a unique opportunity (at least from what I have seen). I didn’t get the apprenticeship, but the process of producing a handmade application, being shortlisted for interview with two others and having a conversation with Mark, have only encouraged me to pursue this harder.

My application is featured on the Mark Boulton Design site –

and in an article written by Emma Boulton on .net magazine –

So now I am continuing to educate myself in good web design. I’m on my third read of Designing for the Web (Mark Boulton), I have just begun to read Ethan Marcotte’s ‘Responsive Web Design’ (, whilst being constantly referred to new articles and peices by the friendly folk of Twitter (@clare_lisbeth).

I have learnt the basics of HTML and CSS and hope to put these skills to use soon when making a couple of websites which I am in the process of designing.

I’m off to the Amp&rsand Conference ( on Friday in Brighton, hoping to learn a whole lot and maybe meet some people too.

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