You gotta love progress.

It’s been an exciting week in my little web design world. I’ve built my first functional website that I think is also quite beautiful (but not yet live), encountered some of the IE issues that I’ve heard so much about, started learning PHP, got stuck in to ‘Hardboiled Web Design’ and finished ‘Don’t Make Me Think!’ from my reading list.

I have been making regular use of my favourite source of web information, that has also provided a structure for my studies – Think Vitamin (.com). Concise, clear and super-understandable videos, divided into logical chapters that have evolved from being a reference point when I had a question, to a full blown syllabus. It is with these videos that I hope to gain a solid grounding in all things code, to then build on by designing and constructing sites. The more I learn about the tools and techniques, the more excited I get about the possibilities, and considering the relatively small amount I currently know, they seem pretty endless.

So alongside the reading, video watching and note-taking, is the most important part: giving it a go.

I have continued with the cake business site discussed previously. Having been relatively happy with the wireframing, and with a whole bunch of actual content to use I started building the site. Using HTML and CSS I eventually got something that resembled a webpage…

Cake Company Webpage

It’s a start.

I also built myself a little portfolio site which will hopefully be up in a few days. But now it’s time to learn about browser testing, which I’ve heard can be testing. But I guess it’s really rather important.

So with a couple of sites on the go, and another couple in the pipeline, it looks like I may have the beginnings of an actual web design portfolio. Yay! Also I booked a ticket to dConstruct Conference in September, which looks like it’ll be another day full of new design aspirations and plenty of inspiration.

See you there?

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