So I made my first website (clarelisbeth.com) and seeing it go live was as exciting as I thought it was going to be!

Learning about the elements that make up web design is so rewarding because the progress is so obvious. Going from not knowing what HTML stands for to being able to code an entire website that functions and looks alright in a couple of months is really exciting. Not to say that web design is easy – just that with a basic level of knowledge, a relatively large amount can be achieved.

I have found learning how to learn about web design really interesting. Finding the great sites that I can spend hours reading and also those that I close after not having instantly found the information I need. I also discovered, maybe not surprisingly, that I learn about new topics most effectively through video. A video with clear instructions and live examples allows me to understand a new topic within minutes, whereas an article about can take a while to get through, and not be as informative. Then, when I have a base of understanding I go on to read various other sources of information.

And talking of learning I just read an interesting post on the UX of Learning on A List Apart:


Tyler Tate considers how we learn and how that learning process should impact our designs. An apt article to read after a conversation I had yesterday about a website I’m designing for a puppeteer who’s not a huge web-user. I feel like the website needs to be very owner-friendly as well as user-friendly.

So now I’m at a point in my learning where my lists of things to read and watch are literally endless. It’s clear that the learning process is an unending where web design is concerned, so I guess I need to get used to it, huh?

Some of the things I like to read:








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