I wrote my first JavaScript!! (and got a job…)

Well, well, well. What a three weeks I’ve had. Went on a Web London boat cruise, met some nice people, tweeted one of them and now, 22 days later, I have finished my first web project for The Kaldor Group and am getting stuck into the next.

A fluke meeting and perfect timing have landed me in an amazing position. Part intern, part tester, part developer and part designer, I have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of interesting work, learning and contributing, with the benefit of clever colleagues on hand for when I run into difficulty.

The project I have just finished is a Facebook app, raising money for the famine in East Africa, through an innovative calculator designed by The Social Practice. The project, run by 50/50, is based around the horrible truth that a child dies every 6 minutes in East Africa, and so our handy calculator works out how much you earn in 6 minutes, and you decide how many lots of 6 minutes you would like to donate. A great cause, and a chance to work out how much your tea/fag/Facebook break is costing your boss.

I really enjoyed the task of being given a design and converting it into functional mark up – a challenge my coding has not previously faced. With a few helping hands and a bunch of JavaScript (including the first ever line I wrote and it works and everything!!) the app went live yesterday and at point of writing has raised £326.73.

Find out how much 6 minutes is worth to you and DONATE HERE!

I faced my first real IE issues, a web development rite of passage I suppose, but resolved them to a reasonable standard.

And so now I’m on to my next project… a little more design, a little more intimidating and inevitably a little more exciting.

My first two weeks at Kaldor have flown by, more to learn everyday – CSS, Facebook development, a little JavaScript and the importance of not keeping a Bluetooth keyboard in your drawer. The folks are real nice, and willing to share their precious wisdom with me. What more could I want?